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Beginner Course

In this comprehensive introductory course, you'll gain a solid foundation in freediving and uncover your natural ability in this captivating sport.

This experience is tailored for both beginners and freedivers without any formal training. During this course, you'll learn techniques to extend your breath-holding capacity beyond a minute and a half and master breath-hold dives with or without fins. The course structure includes convenient online theory development, practical confined water, and open water skills sessions. You'll benefit from five training sessions, each lasting around 90 minutes, spread over at least three days.

To join the course, you must be at least 16 years old (16-17 years old with parental consent) and be able to swim 200 meters unassisted and non-stop. We provide all the necessary freediving gear for your convenience.

The course package includes two confined water sessions, three open water sessions, and access to the Molchanovs base training resources. You'll also learn relaxation techniques, develop the Frenzel equalization technique, and participate in a knowledge review class and theory exam.

Throughout the course, you'll explore depths ranging from 0 to 20 meters, complemented by invigorating yoga and breathwork practices. Upon successful completion, you'll receive an internationally recognized e-certification. 

Additionally, we offer individual underwater photos to capture your unforgettable moments beneath the surface.

PRICE: $650 

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