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Explore the Hidden Wonders
of the Sea of Cortez with Conservationist Petra Oberucova & World Champion Freediver Carlos Coste

Discover the hidden wonders of the Sea of Cortez with our boutique freediving expeditions. Led by world-renowned instructors Petra Oberucova, a fauna interaction specialist, and Carlos Coste, a 12x world champion freediver, our three-day adventure immerses you in the breathtaking beauty of this biologically diverse body of water.

Explore the depths of the Sea of Cortez, home to an astounding number of sea creatures, including over a thousand resident and migratory fish species, 36 species of marine mammals, and thousands of invertebrates. Dive among the wrecks, swim with sea lions and discover hidden caves. Our expert instructors will provide deep training and guidance, ensuring a safe and unforgettable experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to dive into the pristine waters of Mexico's Sea of Cortez, where one in ten fish species can only be found. 

WHERE: La Paz, BCS Mexico

Embark on a journey to discover the hidden wonders of the Sea of Cortez with our boutique freediving expeditions. Most of the dive sites are located around the stunning island of Espiritu Santo, a protected area that is part of the Archipelago of Espiritu Santo National Park.

Sealion pup La Paz Mexico
Carlos Coste and sea lion La Paz, Mexico
Freediving Explorations Meditative way
Baja California sunset full moon
Freediving Explorations Sea of Cortez
La Paz Sunset

What's included

As part of the expedition, we offer a variety of amenities and services to make your experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

  • 3 full days on the boat with an experienced, local captain

  • Direct guidance and coaching from qualified freediving instructors/guides, Carlos Coste (Freediving Legend, 12X world record holder, Freediving Instructor Trainer) and Petra Oberucova (Fauna Interaction specialist, photographer, Freediving instructor)

  • Line warm-up/training sessions

  • Healthy snacks and lunch on the boat

  • National park fees

  • Photos and videos from your adventures


Day 1

Start your adventure with a fun-filled day of diving into the depths of the Sea of Cortez. We'll begin with a line warm-up and training session, followed by a free diving exploration of two wrecks using a line attached for safer and easier diving. Our expert instructors will provide instruction and practice for proper technique for safely exploring the wrecks from the inside (optional) and for prolonging dive time.

Day 2

Wake up early for a day of adventure as we head to play with the sea lions in the Sea of Cortez. Learn about sea lions life, behavior, and biology, have a safety briefing on how to interact and free dive with sea lion pups, and enjoy plenty of time playing with these adorable animals and exploring the area. After this enchanting encounter, we'll chart our course to a carefully selected location, where you can refine your freediving skills, train and revel in the thrill of exploring the ocean's depths. We'll take a break with snacks on the boat and have a late lunch on a secluded beach located on the island.

Day 3

Head out to a spot near Ballena island for a deep freediving session, explore hidden caves near the small island, and enjoy a break for healthy snacks and lunch. Return to La Paz in the late afternoon with the possibility of stopping by the small sea lion colony located 30 minutes from the marina.


*Please note that the itinerary for our expedition may be subject to change depending on factors such as weather conditions and animal behavior.

This means that the schedule for activities such as yoga and breathing exercises may be adjusted as needed. Don't worry, though - we'll keep you in the loop and do our best to make sure you have a fantastic time, no matter what the schedule looks like. 

DATES   October 18-20th

PRICE   $1,090 USD ($300 deposit required)

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