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Advanced Course

Expand your skills to the next level of control and enjoyment, and dive deeper and safer with this extraordinary intermediate-level course.

Step into the world of advanced freediving with our exceptional Molchanovs WAVE2 course. Designed to take your skills to new heights while maintaining safety at the forefront, this course is your gateway to diving deeper and with greater control.

Guided Progression: Join us on a journey of enhanced control and deeper enjoyment. Our intermediate-level course is designed to refine your mastery of Frenzel equalization, freefalling, advanced stretching, training concepts, and the art of visualization and mindfulness techniques. These elements converge to help you achieve more profound and longer performances with unwavering safety.

This course combines the convenience of online theory development with immersive, hands-on experience with a minimum of 3 days. 

Comprehensive Experience:

  • 6 Training Sessions (2 Confined Water + 4 Open Water sessions)

  • 3 Days of Open Water Sessions on a Boat

  • 1 Knowledge Review Class and Theory Exam

  • Depth Range: 12-30m

Empowering Elements:

  • Access to Molchanovs Base Training and Dashboard

  • Expert Guidance in Advanced Frenzel Equalization

  • Visualization-Mindfulness Workshop & Practice

  • Dedicated Stretching and Breathwork Practice

  • Internationally Recognized e-Certification

  • Personalized Individual Underwater Photos

Step Up Your Game: Elevate your skills, explore new depths, and experience freediving on a whole new level. Enroll today in our Molchanovs WAVE2 Advanced Course and embark on an unforgettable journey of growth and achievement.

PRICE: $790 

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